Webserver rebuild after failed uprade

I updated my webserver with Ubuntu 18.  Then I decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.  But first I needed a backup of WordPress.  I decided on “UpdraftPlus“.  I backed up my WordPress data and moved it to a thumb drive.  Then for the move to Ubuntu 19.  It failed.  After about 1.5 hours the process just hung.  I did a hard reset and that was it.  I should also point out that I had no power to the PC internals – MB, disks so I am assuming that shortly after I started the upgrade the Power supply failed.  Can’t complain:  10 years x 24 hours a day.  Took me 4 days to rebuild the box.  I had good Readme.files but many of the commands in them were no longer valid because mysql, apache2 had changed their syntax for their commands/statements.  Lots of Googling.  Anyway once I got the box configured  to support WordPress and got WP downloaded and installed I once again downloaded the UpdraftPlus plugin for backups/restore.  I moved the backup files from the thumb drive to “wp-content/updraft” on the newly build PC and using UpdraftPlus restored the data.  PERFECT!!!  About 2 minutes and my WordPress blog was recovered vs. 4 days of rebuilding a PC.  UpdraftPlus is definitely a winner.

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