Completed build of 3D tank

Finished the build of the 3D tank.  It took longer than I thought but here it is.

The main differences between this tank and a previously PS3 controlled tank are:  Its body was fashioned from CAD designed 3D parts giving it a more completed look, the headlights do not require their own circuit board (the ground and positive of the LEDS are plugged into the signal pin and ground on the ServoHAT which has built in resistors for each of the 3V channels, and the video provided by the on board camera did away with the Linux Motion app in favor of “ffplay”.  ffplay provided for a simpler integration/configuration with less latency as seen in this video.  Also ffplay is started with this application.  There is a gotcha however.  If you want a larger “TankEye”  change the window size in the application code which triggers ffplay.  If you size on the go it locks up the video feed.

You can see more of the 3D build here if you wish.

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