Raspberry Pi Zero

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This is a Raspberry Pi Zero.  The actual Pi is the “top” green card.  The other card “suspended below in a Pi Zero USB HUB.  The Pi Zero only offers a single Micro USB port, but this USB HUB adds 4 standard USB ports plus a micro usb port for a total of 2 micro USB ports and 4 standard USB port, 6 in total.  In theseimages you can see a USB Wifi dongle (left and white) and a USB mouse/keyboard dongle (right and black) plugged in.

Here are a series of images showing the Pi Zero and USB HUB from the cardinal directions. IMG_1384

This next image shows an interesting feature of the USB HUB – the power inter connects.  More about these later. IMG_1386IMG_1387

How is the Pi Zero and the USB HUB card electrically connected?  Well, it is done through 4 spring loaded connectors.  They are much like the spring loaded pins that hold your watch band to the watch case.  They appear in this image a 4 cylinders under the two micro USB connectors.  They are soldered to the USB HUB but held agains USB contacts on the Pi Zero.  Most boards require that you solder them.  Depending on your application solder might be a better way especially if used in a robotic (moving) application.


In the image below you can better see the pins and their point of contacts.  This USB HUB mounts below the Pi Zero.  The two pins to the right required a bit of phyical adjustment (not shown here) while the other two were fine.IMG_1393

In this next image you can see the adjusted pins.  They required some tuning to the right.  Their cad file must have been slightly off.


And the PiZero with USB HUB hooked into a POE setup.

Have not yet plugged this arrangement in to power the Pi Zero over POE but will later today or tomorrow.

8/21/16 – powered the Pi Zero with POE.  If you do not need/want the ethernet connection because you have a USB Wifi dongle then leave it disconnected and use the cat 5/6 cable to power the Pi Zero and USB HUB.


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