Raspberry Pi 4

Some things to note:

  1. The only OS currently available is Rasparian
  2. Ubuntu Mate is being worked but no time line is given.

Below is a series of pictures of the Pi4 with a Pimoroni case and cooling fan in place.

Of note is that the fan employed with this case is not efficient the distance on the blades between the fan hub and blade tip is too short to move much air.

A the bottom is a 3d print employing an 81 mm Fan on a Pi3.  Works as well if not better on a Pi 4.

In the above pics it appears as though the fan is somehow screwed/bolted to the Pi 4 board.  It is not.  In the pic below you will note that the fan is entirely held in place by sliding onto the 40 pin header.  The bolts mount the fan to a “U” shaped circuit board under the fan which in turn hold the control logic and allows the fan to mount to the 40 pin header.

The image below is of a Pi 3 with 3d printed plates and an attached 81 mm Fan.  Not pretty but gets the job done.