Getting your camera to PTZ with Blue Iris

Received a new PTZ no name camera from Ali Express.  What is noteworthy is that this camera is controllable with an app  (for smart phone)called Yoosee.  You can download to your smartphone and control the PTZ of this type of camera.  But what about Blue Iris?  Well the following info provides how to configure Yoosee supported cameras with Blue Iris for PTZ.  Might also work with other cameras.

Here are some things that must be done:

3 steps to setting up PTZ:  In the Yoosee phone application “enable RTSP”
and set a new password.

In Blue Iris do the following 3 steps:

  1. Defining the user:  In the image below for user “guest” please note the following PTZ control is checked.  LAN is also checked.  This would limit access to lan side traffic only.  Uncheck for WAN side access.  You may also not want your user to have Administrator privledges  so uncheck it too.

2.  Defining the video camera:  In the next image note that the “85” address is mine yours will probably be different.  You can find your address in the Yoosee smartphone app.   What fixed my inability to control my PTZ function on my camera were two check boxes.  .  Make sure that “Send RTSP keep-alives” and “Use RTSP/stream timecode” are unchecked and note the use of “5000” for the port.  By unchecking these I could finally control my camera.  But WAIT!!! There is something else you must do – next image.

3.  Defining the PTZ attributes:  In the PTZ/control tab select “ONVIF (OXML) and be sure to check “Enable Pan/Tilt/Zoom”.  Note:  I used “ONVIF (OXML) because I did/do not know the make of my camera.  If you know the make of your camera search the IP camera list in the “Network IP” box and select your camera.

In the above you will note that I checked “Reverse pan”.  I did this because when I “pressed the left arrow the camera panned to the right.  There are some other adjustments you might have to make.