ICU – “inSSider” look alike

Three images follow showing initial startup,data collection in progress, and highlighting a specific Realtime track.  This first image is in initial splash screen.  It is divided into 3 panes:

  • the button pane
  • available networks pane
  • Realtime trending pane

There slider widget is used to determine update rate/frequency.  The remaining buttons are self explanatory.

You may “double click” on any of these images for greater detail.


This next image is showing data collection in progress.  Note there are four tracks and that the yellow track backfills for the previous undefined periods.


This app looks for available wireless networks and shows active channels, signal strengths, etc.  What is interesting is to note how many networks are on the same channel.  Here in this example there are 2 networks on channel 6.

The video trending (yikes!!!!!) is from right to left with time in MM:SS showing on the X-axis.  The update rate can be adjusted by the scale widget which defaults “0” which is the fastest rate.

“Refresh available networks” clears both the Network and trending panes and begins a fresh search.  If a signal is week (the higher RSSI numbers) they might drop in and out andif that happens the last known good value is used to plot for this time period rather then using a zero or ‘undef’ value.

The next image show a mouse rolling over the left most track in the legends box (the pointer is visable).  This has the effect of highlighting the Realtime trend for that track in “white” and as well as “bolding” it.  Note the mouse pointers position and the highlighted “white” track.   Also an additional track was added while waiting for the pic to be snapped.


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