Pi2 tank with 3D printed body parts.

Utilized my Prusa I3 3D printer to print a tank/crawler body parts  I used a PHA/PLA filament from PrintInZ.com

From this:

IMG_0635 IMG_0637
IMG_0638 IMG_0639

To this:  Just keep reading to see the finished product.  This was my main reason for purchasing a 3D printer:  so I could stop using Lego plates/bricks, hack saws, drill press etc., and produce a more finished product.  Lets begin shall we.

Start printing the battery plate.  It will be slung low beneath the tank’s metallic base plate between the tank’s tracks as seen in these pictures.  In the last picture you can see it placement relative to the drive motors.  Note the spacing provided for 3 battery packs (not shown here).  They will power the Pi2, the servo motors, LED headlights, cooling fan, and the track motors. IMG_0640IMG_0642IMG_0650IMG_0646IMG_0652IMG_0654
Start of the chassis base plate.  This plate will “sit” on the metallic base plate and be separated by 4×2 spacers.  This will cause the plate to be elevated and provide for cable storage from the Pi2 to the batteries.  The two cut outs are for the Pi2 USB power connector (the smaller of the two) and for routing the other cables for motors, video cameras etc. IMG_0660IMG_0665
Here is the chassis base plate installed.  It is elevated from the chassis base plate seen in the large cut out by the spacers noted earlier and shown in the following pictures. IMG_0666IMG_0668IMG_0670
The Pi2 with two motor HATs attached is mounted using 4 small nylon standoffs.  Other brass standoffs are in place to receive other parts. IMG_0675IMG_0678
A print of the video camera’s/power switch base plate.  The “box” will fit onto the base plate and support the servos with camera as well as house two rocker switches for the track motors and servos. IMG_0687IMG_0705
Here is a bad print of the box.  The box shown has caved in edges on the 4 top corners.  I neglected to turn on the printer’s object fan so the soft plastic with the additional weight of extruded layers caused the box to buckle inward.  I went ahead with this part at this point in the build to see how the rest of the parts would fit with the understanding that I would have to reprint the part later.The second picture show a large cut out for routing wires from the various components to the housing that will cover the Pi2 and its motor HATs.The third picture is the “lid” for the video camera box.  It is drilled to accepts my servo motor mount (the large round hole with 4 orbiting smaller holes, a square cutout to route cables from the camera, servos, and 4 small holes to secure the lid to the 4 brass standoffs seen earlier.The third picture shows the loosely assembled box with servo camera assembly in place. IMG_0688IMG_0712IMG_0689IMG_0699
This begins the print of the Pi2 stack cover.  It will slip of the Pi2 and its motor HATs.  There are two cutouts:  one accommodates the Pi2’s USB/ethernet connectors and the other allows cables from the video stack to pass into the Pi2.  There is also a “lift” on two sides to allow for vertical airflow for cooling.  In the second picture you can see a large hole with 4 orbiting holes.  This is to support a small 5 V DC fan to help evacuate heat build up. IMG_0701IMG_0720IMG_0722
Here is how it will fit. IMG_0723IMG_0724IMG_0725IMG_0727IMG_0728IMG_0731IMG_0736
Printing the skirts:  two side skirts, one front skirt, and one rear skirt. two side skirts(interchangeable)
front skirt with headlight cutouts.IMG_0745IMG_0746IMG_0748IMG_0750IMG_0752IMG_0839
LED headlights in place.  Starting to wire.
Side skirts installed.  Batteries loosely placed.  Getting a feel for how to run wires, etc. IMG_0757
Pi2 and video stack covers in place.  Getting a feel for how it will look. IMG_0761
starting to wire.  First with the headlights. IMG_0770IMG_0777
Most wires in place. Note that two black rocker switches have been installed in the video stack.  The connect power from the servo and track motors to their respective motor HATs. IMG_0773IMG_0775IMG_0785
Static testing of track motors and servos.  Note the tank is elevated off of its tracks. IMG_0778IMG_0806IMG_0823
Pi Stack cover with 5V fan installed. IMG_0833
And final assembly. IMG_0852IMG_0853IMG_0854IMG_0855IMG_0856IMG_0856

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