3D Printer improvements

I have made modifications to my 3D printer setup to ensure a greater percentage of trouble free printing.  Here are some of those changes:

Smoother Filament feeding.  This picture shows my original setup – a roll of filament resting on threaded stock.  It worked but placed stress on the 3D extruder.  I have since replaced this configuration with what follows. IMG_1116
I am currently using the “PRINTinZ” PLA/PHA filament.  To ensure smoother feeding of this filament I designed some 3D printed parts that accommodate the spool sizing for this product only.  You can see the parts to the right.  There are basically 3 parts:  two spool bushings (with roller skate bearings inserted), and a spacer.  These constitute the printed parts.. IMG_1104IMG_1111
The two bushings receive a roller skate bearing in the size of 8mm ID, 22mm OD, and 7mm wide.  The bushings with bearings installed and the spacer thread onto an 8mm OD piece of threaded stock shown in the sequence to the right. IMG_1114IMG_1115
Insert the spacer and the threaded stock.  You probably don’t need the spacer with these bushings. I left it in the download tar just in case.  I am using it but don’t believe it is necessary.  I will remove it on the next spool change out. IMG_1117
Add the other bushing with bearing.  Center on stock and hold in place with washer and nut. IMG_1119IMG_1121
This is so smooth that just the “spring effect built” into winding the filament pulls it off the spool.  The spool stays centered and feeds at a consistent rate. IMG_1125


To the right is a download link to print the 3D parts.  I am providing both the STL files (2) and the sketchup files (2) so that you can modify if you need to.  Its possible that the filament spool sizing might change.   spool_files.zip (671 downloads)

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