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Here are the parts necessary to assemble the QuBE.  Print times are in hours:minutes.  There are a total of 15 parts.  Two are of these parts are purchased:  the 120 12V fan (shown here) and the 120 metallic fan grate (not shown here) and 13 3D printed parts.  12 of the printed 3D parts are shown here.  The one missing 3D part is the SBC access panel door.From top to bottom, left to right:  The fan housing, the SBC (small board computer) cage, the base, the fan (this one has leds), the SBC cage top, the filter base, 3 connector plates, the fan cover, the filter holder, the filter holder cover, and the SBC (Pi2/3 or OdroidC2 vertical mount plate.
Parts at a glance:

SBC Cage

Print time:  13:17

I can hold up to 3 SBCs, i.e., any combination of Pi2/3 or Odroid C2  -NO OTHER ODROID is accommodated because of peripheral locations on other Odroid boards. Looking closely you may note that while there are 3 openings there are 4 rails.  You can therefore mount the card into the slot left side down or right side down.  The USB ports must always face to the rear.  There is adequate room to run CAT 5 and fit USB WiFi/Bluetooth dongles.  The lower part of the cage is open.  A gate will slide in from the right to left.  The small holes are for connector plates in case you want to stack multiple SBC cages.

SBC top plate

Print Time:  4:25

Completes the SBC cage.


QuBE Base

Print Time:  7:24

This supports the entire cube and serves two purposes:  1.  allows air to be pulled in to the base of the tower from all 4 sides and, 2.  provides for the routing of cables.  most likely power and networking for the SBCs and power for the 12 volt exhaust fan.  You will notice that to the left is an offset.  This will provide a means of attaching a connector plate to house other “stuff” like USB mounts,. etc.  There are 4 corner posts and a center pedestal to support the filter housing that fits above. IMG_1226

Filter Base

Print Time:  3:30

Hold the removable filter plates.

Filter plates

Print Time:  2:52

(two) a top and a bottom.  These slide into the filter base from the right as pictured above.

Fan Base/Mount: 

Print Time:  6:11

Sits on top of the SBC cage and hold the fan.  There are 4 holes for mounting a 120mm fan.  There is also a cut out at 11 o’clock in the large hole to accommodate the fans 3 wires.


Fan Cover:

Print Time:  3:29


Metal fan grate:


Fan – 12V 3-wire with leds:


Connector plates 

Print Time:  4:00 (3)

Note:  there is a left, right and rear connector plate. There should not have been three different ones but there is  :>)

SBC vertical plate

Print time:  1:30


Door Panel

Print Time:  2:53


Some assembly required.

Have an ample supply of 3M bolts, nuts, lock washers, etc.

Start by attaching the connector plates to the SBC cage:  left, right and rear.


Attach the fan housing to the SBC top plate.  Pay attention to the orientation of the wire cut out (bottom left – 8 o’clock) as shown in following picture.


top view follows:


Place fan assembly with SBC top plate onto the SBC cage after loosely placing fan into fan holder and running wires through the cut out:


secure with 3m bolts and nuts to connectors.  Fan is still loose at this point.


Top view with fan in place but still loose.


Notice wires in cutout:


Place fan cover, metallic grate, align holes and secure with M3 bolts.


This completes the upper portion.  It now looks like this:



Assemble Base


Attach Filter mount to base.  (Be sure that the filter mount’s opening is to the right.  Notice that there is no “wall” on the right side.) :IMG_1311

Place the assembled upper portion on top of the filter base:

and bolt together (not done here).

Final Assembly – a quick look



Online with Fan and an Odroid-C2

Here is an Odroid-C2 mounted in position one with power connector and fan cable exiting the cage.


Fan and Odroid powered on.  Note the CAT5 cable exiting through the bottom.


With door close.


Top View. Blue fan LEDs are quite intense.


With a single Odroid-C2 in place with supplied heat sink the temp is holding at 58C.  This is about 10C higher then when exposed to the open air with a 5V fan fan hovering a centimeter over the heat sink.  I believe there is space to add back in that 5V fan should it be necessary.

Black and Blue.  Sort of how I feel right now.  This became more of a project/effort than I had originally imagined.

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